TAB BRA, ships from Canada

TAB (Bra) - Diagonal Seamed Pink Bra 38A-42JJ

  • $200.00

The Diagonal Seamed Bra is designed for women needing optimal support. 

The bra will provide orthopedic support for the breasts and help alleviate any pain in the neck, shoulders and back caused by an ill-fitting bra.  Designed for the woman with bra issues or special needs (orthopedic, post-surgical or prosthetic needs).  Available in sizes 28A-42JJ in beige, black and pink. 


  • Smooth microfiber and cotton fabric

  • Soft, cotton-lined hidden pocket on the inside of each cup to hold prosthetics or other aesthetic shapers (eliminates the need to constantly adjust or worry about the prosthetic moving or looking out of place)

  • Optimal support and comfort

  • Postural correction

  • Fit for all figure types

  • Increased circulation and breast tissue health

  • Perfect fit from teen to senior

  • Excellent sports/exercise bra

  • Excellent nursing bra

The bra is a fully engineered, custom-fit bra which features no under-wires or elastic in its construction. The bra does not "stretch" into the shape of the wearer through use of elastic fabrics. Instead, a minimal stretch custom-fit bra is fitted to perfectly suit the client's body shape. This is accomplished when a qualified, certified fitter conducts a clinical fitting session.

The bra offers excellent health benefits. It is one of the only custom-fit bras on the market that features a pocket sewn onto the inside of the cup of the bra. This stretch pocket can securely hold in place a prosthetic insert of various sizes or styles. The result benefits include a very secure fit of the prosthesis as well as a natural, balanced look. With a Class 1 Medical Device, the bra can be used as a support garment for those with orthopedic problems, those dealing with general or plastic surgery, or by those in physical medicine.

The key to the bra is its function and practicality. The bra promotes health and comfort, and therefore is ideal for vocational use, sport and exercise, and especially normal, everyday wearing. The bra offers a worthy alternative to the needs of everyday women who understand and value health, comfort, and shaping. Many cannot secure this from existing bras in the marketplace. As awareness of the bra is rising, so is the significant move of wearers towards the bra because of its significant benefits.