Photo of Michele Bourque, Owner Kwemaa and Ottawa Bra Clinic


ABOUT the Online Store of The Ottawa Bra Clinic: OBConline.ca

Michele Bourque owns and runs this extension of Ottawa Bra Clinic - an online store devoted to products that she hopes could help people live healthier, happier lives ... this online store features TAB Bras, and FIRMA Energywear and Compression Garments that can be ordered online through her, and is a compliment to her Ottawa Bra Clinic business, where for the past 12 years, she has been/is a certified bra fitter.

At her Ottawa Ontario location, Michele provides private bra fitting appointments to address many bra issues, seeking out comfortable bra and undergarment solutions for her customers. [March 2020 - NOTE: during this period of recommended social distancing, in-person bra fittings are temporarily suspended until the call for social distancing is cancelled.]

Online shopping continues and is encouraged. Prices remain the same as prior to the pandemic.

Retired from the Government, Michele specializes in assessing the right bra fit and style to get the maximum comfort for her customers. This online store is the result of customers asking for easy access to a large selection of FIRMA Energywear and Compression Garment options.

The Ottawa Bra Clinic carries 145 bra sizes in stock that range from Bra Sizes 28A to 44KK in Pink, Black and Beige (and matching undies!) In the Ottawa Area? Ask about a bra fitting appointment (when social distancing is lifted. Until then you can call for bra advice at T. 613-521-9100 / C. 613-400-9101; email: ottawabraclinic@gmail.com / https://ottawabraclinic.com/contact )