MEN'S CREW NECK T-SHIRT - Black, and White - Small to XL

MEN'S CREW NECK T-SHIRT - Black, and White - Small to XL

  • $115.00

Introducing FIRMA Energywear’s Crew Neck T-Shirt! The Crew Neck T-shirt is an excellent addition to anybody’s wardrobe with it’s unisex styling and amazing versatility.

FIRMA Energywear features an advanced ‘intelligent’ fabric which is able to provide benefits to the wearer while also feeling and looking amazing. Within the fabric is a special, proprietary mixture of bioceramic and crystal which activate special benefits for the wearer, most notably in the form of far-infrared energy.

Benefits include:

  • 4-way stretch construction – thicker and less sheerness on the body
  • Made with a special yarn which provides far-infrared benefits to the wearer by reflecting a specific part of the body’s heat back to the body
  • Increased skin blood micro-circulation and thermoregulation
  • Improved recovery & muscle recovery – excellent for travel compression & chronic pain/fatigue
  • UPF 50+ Ultra-violet Protection factor


FIRMA is made with a special fabric that has a perfectly balanced mix of biocrystal, bioceramic, and mineral incorporated into it in a permanent fashion.

This mix of crystal/ceramic/mineral is able to ‘capture’ & reflect the wearer’s body heat back to them as far-infrared energy, which can provide a multitude of benefits for the wearer. These benefits can include:



Reduction of Cellulite

Improved Skin Smoothness

Better Skin Firmness & Elasticity

Increased Collagen Synthesis

Younger looking Skin

Fashionable Shaping


Improved Performance during wear
(increased reflexes, more strength, less fatigue)

General Wellness

Increased Thermoregulation while exercising

Improved biostimulation & muscle recovery

Less muscular oxygen consumption


Wellness & Pain Care

Increased skin & tissue microcirculation

Improved Thermoregulation

Far-infrared therapy benefits