Lingerie/Tab Bras

Tab Bras come in 145 bra sizes that range from Bra Sizes 28A to 44KK in Pink, Black and Beige.

Not sure what to buy someone? Purchase a gift card and email it to the person so they can choose their own.

Our TAB bras offer:

  • Optimal lifting support
  • No elastic or under wire to pinch, poke or chafe delicate skin
  • Strong woven cotton straps (no elastic)
  • Reduces strain and stress on your shoulders and neck
  • Increases lymphatic drainage and flow
  • Improves breathing; more efficient, easier and deeper breathing for enhanced respiration; TAB sits above the diaphragm so there is no pressure and strain on diaphragm and respiratory system
  • Promotes good posture with reduced shoulder and back pain
  • Sewn-in pocket on the bra secures prosthetic insert of various sizes
  • And so much more!